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In each scene of wind turbine, photovoltaic area, booster station and line, install visual monitoring devices, inspection robots and various sensors, adopt the joint inspection method of "robot + high-definition video", automatically identify equipment, personnel and abnormal environment information in combination with the artificial intelligence image recognition technology, deeply integrate the operation and inspection procedures of new energy stations, build a unified intelligent operation inspection management and control platform, realize 24-hour uninterrupted intelligent operation inspection, find potential on-site safety hazards faster, and reduce the inspection pressure of operation and maintenance personnel, improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance inspections, and realize the "unattended operation, few people on duty, and centralized monitoring" of the station.

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Function characteristics
  • AI empowers traditional video monitoring system Upgrade the original video monitoring system of wind turbines, booster stations, lines and photovoltaic areas, add artificial intelligence recognition function, realize intelligent identification of equipment status, environmental hazards and personnel behavior in new energy stations, and improve the effectiveness and real-time of video monitoring systems .
  • Intelligent inspection replaces manual inspection Infrared thermal imaging cameras, high-definition ballhead camera, intelligent monitoring and shooting devices, orbital robots and other visualization equipment are installed to achieve full coverage of inspection points in different scenarios of the new energy station. The system can realize automatic inspection, intelligent identification and active alarm of new energy station equipment status in combination with the artificial intelligence recognition technology, which can greatly reduce the workload of operation and maintenance personnel, improve inspection efficiency, and support the transformation of the operation and maintenance management new model of the new energy stations to "unmanned duty, few people on duty and centralized monitoring".
  • Improve the level of safety management and control Realize active and rapid identification and safety early warning of safety hazards in various scenarios of new energy stations by using the artificial intelligence recognition technology and in combination with intelligent inspection function, so as to ensure the safe operation of on-site equipment and environment. Solve many problems such as the large workload of manual inspection, hidden dangers in the inspection process and safety management of the construction site, and comprehensively improve the level of on-site safety management and control.
Application effect
GIS room equipment installation
fan engine room installation equipment
booster station rail robot installation
tower door equipment installation
line 812 installation
line 960 installation
line 970 installation
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