Digital grid

Development trend
  • Intelligent operation and maintenance of power grid: efficient management Advanced sensing and measurement technology, communication technology, information technology and artificial intelligence technology are highly integrated with the physical power grid, and power operation and maintenance are intelligent and automated
  • Multi-source data fusion: more three-dimensional perception Integrate and analyze the data of various sensors, visualization devices, and remote sensing and remote metering devices, and perceive the power grid operation status from different dimensions such as time and space.
  • 3D digital construction: more intuitive display Conduct 3D modeling of power grid facilities in combination with advanced technologies such as remote sensing mapping, oblique imagery, BIM, and GIS, and then build a digital twin power grid
Solution Overview

Zhiyang's innovative smart grid solution fully integrates the advanced technology of "big, cloud, material, mobile and intelligent", and builds a "sky-air-ground" multi-source data fusion three-dimensional perception system based on deep learning, builds an all-round, three-dimensional, cloud-side collaborative smart grid operation and maintenance service system covering many scenarios such as transmission lines, substations, and new energy power generation stations by using artificial intelligence, drones, big data and digital twin and other technologies, so as to form a "one world, one network" smart grid operation and maintenance model, ensure the safe and stable operation of the grid, and provide a reliable guarantee for the orderly realization of the goal of "carbon neutrality and carbon peak".

Core advantages
  • 1Self-developed software and hardware combined and integrated customization

    In combination with self-developed various AI algorithms, operation and maintenance management platforms and big data platforms, and based on years of power operation and maintenance experience and massive data accumulation, Zhiyang's self-developed online monitoring device for hidden dangers can provide accurate customized services to meet the needs of different users for hidden dangers.

  • 2AI development platform

    Relying on the heterogeneous computing, high-performance storage and high-speed network capabilities of Zhiyang Innovation Cloud Infrastructure, the AI Open Platform builds dual engines for data management and deep learning, and provides sample management, AI model development, AI model deployment and application, cloud terminal-side inference and one-stop AI solutions for subdivided industries to the grid users.

  • 3Digital twin construction practice

    Zhiyang has successfully realized the digital twin construction of power infrastructure projects by using the high-precision artificial intelligence recognition algorithms and oblique photography 3D modeling capabilities and in combination with BIM, GIS and other technologies, so as to provide valuable practical experience and technical accumulation for the construction of digital twin power grids.

  • 4AI cloud edge computing

    Through continuous innovation and active cooperation in the AI industry chain, AI algorithm capabilities are injected into "software and hardware products", to support the integration of various mainstream AI chips and AI algorithms, realize cloud-side collaboration in power operation and maintenance, and create full-stack solution.

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