Smart water conservancy

Development trend
  • New technologies enable water conservancy New technologies enable water conservancy to make full use of new-generation information technologies such as artificial intelligence, drones, digital twins, Internet of Things, and big data to build digital twin watersheds and smart water conservancy platforms with forecasting, early warning, rehearsal, and plan functions.
  • Full coverage of business scenarios According to the needs of the intelligent transformation of the water conservancy industry, full coverage of business scenarios aggregates the application of water conservancy business scenarios to create a "2+N" water conservancy intelligent business application system with full collection of elements, full integration of data, and full intelligence in supervision.
  • Visualization of the management and control process Visualization of the management and control process can build the corresponding twin of the physical world in the digital space through the digital twin technology, so as to realize the visualization of geographic information, monitoring information, and data situation, and comprehensively promote the intelligent upgrade of the water conservancy industry.
Solution Overview

Zhiyang Innovation actively responded to Guiding Opinions on Vigorously Promoting Smart Water Conservancy Construction, Implementation Plan for Promoting Smart Water Conservancy Construction during the 14th Five-Year Plan and other smart water conservancy construction deployments the Ministry of Water Resources, to build the sky-air-ground water conservancy sensing network, so that the artificial intelligence, UAV, digital twin, Internet of Things, big data and other technologies are applied in intelligent operation and maintenance management of water conservancy systems. With the support of water conservancy digital infrastructure, data resource system, and network security, and with the digital twin watershed as the core, the construction of calculation data, algorithms and computing power has been comprehensively promoted. It has comprehensively promoted the construction of calculation data, algorithms and computation power. It has designed, developed and completed an intelligent water conservancy system platform with functions of forecast, early warning, preview and plan, covering 2+N intelligent water conservancy business application system and realizing the deep integration of information technology and water conservancy business.

Core advantages
  • Full scene intelligence Various intelligent identification functions, such as flood limit water level monitoring, floating object identification, dam defect identification, etc. are realized through self-developed artificial intelligence algorithms. At the same time, a hydrodynamic model is developed based on digital twin technology to achieve accurate flood prediction. Flood control applications, water resources management and deployment applications in river basins are enabled, to provide strong support and strong driving force for the high-quality development of water conservancy in the new stage.
  • Software and hardware collaboration Self-developed perceptual equipment system and software platform system break data silos, hardware and software systems efficiently interact with each other, and system deployment is fast and easy to maintain. Create smart flood control management solutions, smart reservoir integrated management solutions, urban waterlogging early warning and drainage informatization solutions and many other solutions, to realize a smart water conservancy informatization platform of "one network, one foundation, and N applications".
  • Application layer integration Fully integrate existing water conservancy business systems, unify various water conservancy monitoring platforms, focus on 2+N water conservancy intelligent business application scenarios, and consolidate basic support construction according to the idea of resource integration, integration and sharing, strengthen resource integration, sharing and services, and build the overall framework for the smart water conservancy, so as to realize the integrated management of water conservancy business and improve the public service level of water conservancy information.
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