Geological Disaster Monitoring

Geological Disaster Monitoring Solution

China is prone to frequent geological disasters, and especially the debris flows in mountainous areas, which is highly destructive, are geological disasters that seriously threaten the safety of mountain residents and engineering construction. By the end of May 2021, the Ministry of Natural Resources has successively installed equipment at more than 22,000 sites with hidden geological disaster in 17 key provinces under geological disaster prevention and control across the nation, and initially established a new pattern of geological disaster monitoring and early warning featuring artificial defense + technical defense. The company proposes a geological disaster monitoring solution for debris flow scenarios to comprehensively analyze the actual condition of debris flow, implements monitoring, analysis, and early warning of debris flow scenarios by combining computer vision algorithm with rainfall detection, improves monitoring efficiency, and provide early warning and forecast of possible geological disasters by new technologies and new means.

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Overview of Scheme

In response to the debris flow scenarios, Zhiyang Innovation proposes an integrated solution based on partial sensors + visual perception, which is characterized by higher flexibility and lower maintenance and management costs compared to the deployment of sensors only in the entire process. The cloud-edge integration system allows for end-to-end collection and analysis, implements the rapid discovery, confirmation, composition and scale analysis of debris flows in the end-to-end form, and uploads to the early warning platform to provide a powerful and accurate judgment basis for the comprehensive prevention and control in the downstream.

Core Advantages
  • 1Multi-dimensional perception

    The technology based on sensors such as rainfall and mud level + machine vision provides multi-dimensional information perception, characterized by higher flexibility and lower cost compared to the traditional solution in which merely sensors are deployed.

  • 2Intelligent vision-based end-to-end analysis

    Implement intelligent visual algorithm analysis Based on the built-in AI chip on the terminal side, and complete the analysis, identification and upload of alarm information in an end-to-end form to ensure the timely and effective early warning.

  • 3Customized scene shots

    The customized large aperture and zoom lens are employed to achieve HD night vision, fog penetration and other effects, providing effective video for analysis algorithms.

  • 4Intelligent visual analysis algorithm model

    Based on high-efficiency image processing + deep learning algorithm, the product can implement a complete set of fluid area detection, category confirmation, debris flow velocity, mud level depth and water-rock ratio analysis for debris flow, and provide an effective and accurate judgment basis for prevention and control.

  • 5Tethered UAV -based emergency handling mechanism

    Based on the vehicle nest + tethered UAV, the product provides the application in such scenarios as emergency communication and personnel search and rescue in special areas and weather, etc., and form a closed loop with fixed acquisition equipment.

  • 6Integrated analysis application system in the cloud side

    The product provides front-end collection and analysis, structured information extraction, uploading to the main station platform, and pushing alarm information to the mobile terminal according to the early warning strategy, and also supports in-depth analysis in the cloud, so that an integrated analysis strategy in the cloud side is formed to ensure the effective iteration of system algorithm model, and to provide better algorithm service based on time dimension.

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